150th Renovations

150th Family Legacy Opportunities

Now that we are open again, we are very thankful to our generous parishioners who have helped make our 150th renovation a reality. We have been blessed to have many liturgical items donated by families from our parish,such as new altar, baptismal font, presider chair and pulpit.

There are still several opportunities left for families/individuals to place their family name or memorialize family members on the following items with suggested donation.

Item                                             Donation

Stained Glass Breezeway(1)      $7,500

Stained Glass Breezeway(2)      $7,500

Organ Refurbishment                 $15,000

If you would like to donate any of these items, please give us a call     (315) 475-2185 or email us at stpats@stpatrickssyr.org

rsz img 2168Terrazzo floor almost done pouring! Next step sanding the terrazzo down to reveal the color specs in the floor!

rsz 1img 2150

A sample of one of the Celtic knots(incomplete) that will be inside the Nave of the church

 rsz 2img 1782New floor construction has started! The floor is now level for the first time in 150 years!!! Some spots were off as much as 2 inches!!! Next step will be the terrazzo!


rsz img 1606

New lighting(not complete), illumines the newly colored arches and rose windowrsz 1img 1552New faux wood paint encompasses the rose window, as well as all the windows inside the church

rsz img 1605

Painting is complete minus some touch ups, as is much of the restoration of the wood paneling.

rsz img 1265Stars almost complete, new recess lighting and uplighting will illumine parts of the Nave that never saw light before!



rsz img 1267

New subfloor being installed, which a new terrazzo floor go over the top...or we could leave the plywood and start up St.Patrick's/St. Brigids' School of Irish Dance! LOL!

rsz img 1266

A view from the choir loft

IMG 1143

Tiny little gold stars will adorn the blue ceiling to give it a "sky" effect. Other new stencils also added to the bottom and top of the new green walls.


IMG 1141

More colors and detail around the stenciling has been taking place this past week. Main body of the church painting just about done! Stencil work, adding new and cleaning old, will be the bulk of the work over next few weeks.


rsz 1img 1121

And God said "Let there be light!" "And color!" New LED lights illumine the painted blue colored ceiling panels of the church.

rsz img 1124

Side beams have been painted to resemble wooden beams, which allows the existing stencil to be seen clearly

rsz 1img 1095

The stain glass windows in the breezeway have been removed to make way for new stain glass windows that will include stained glass windows of St Brigid & St. Joseph from St. Brigid/St. Joseph Church

rsz img 0900The ceiling and walls have been primed and are ready for paint!

rsz img 0855The organ and pipes have been covered and some removed for the renovations. It will be cleaned and restored for the 150th.


 rsz img 0856

All of the pews have been removed to be stripped and refurbished and will be reinstalled once the new floor is installed.

Your Generosity Makes a Difference!

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